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Research Planner

The research process can be a daunting one, for novice and seasoned researchers alike. It can be difficult to map out the various steps in the research process let alone figure out what resources to use at each step of the way. The Research Planner cuts through this confusion by walking you through the steps of the research process. Each step will point you toward useful resources, tutorials, and guides that will help you successfully complete each stage.

Simply enter in the due date for your assignment and the Research Planner will give you dated milestones to keep you on track for the successful completion of your research paper.

The Research Planner

Date you will begin the assignment:

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Date the assignment is due:

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Disclaimer: Always defer to your instructor's due dates for your research assignments. The Research Planner is only meant to guide you through the research process and in no way replaces the milestones set by your instructor.

Based on the original Assignment Calculator from the University of Minnesota Libraries.